REWT - Site Log

23 May 2020

Family issues have taken me away from writing, publishing and consulting for the last year. It is a relief to finally return to the keyboard.

Recent hacking events have refocused my attention on cyber security. Discussions with one organisation that suffered a cyber attack in the last couple of months have caused me to realise that the security question information that many sites take as a form of identification is as sensitive as passwords, dates of birth, passport numbers, addresses, phone numbers and financial information and should be encrypted by organisations holding such information. However, that cannot be guaranteed. So, individuals need to treat the answers to security questions much as they would passwords; using different answers on every account and a mixture of upper and lower case characters if this is possible. The cyber security page on this web site has been extended to reflect this.

Fixed a typo on the cyber security page .


15 May 2019

I have been beavering away at my writing desk for the last few months and have several new publications in draft. I should have at least another three out by the end of 2019. With those pending publications in mind, I have made some structural changes to the Publications page so that I can group books into categories.

Fixed an alignment issue on the index page .


9 March 2019

McAfee quick scan and full scan have been self cancelling for a while now. A bit of forum research including the McAfee customer forum shows that this is being experienced by more than just myself. There doesn't seem to be a solution on the McAfee site and it is unclear whether this is a deliberate feature or a fault. However, selecting the C: drive in the file directory (folder) and running a scan from the context menu is effective. A scan started in this way runs to completion.

Added definitions for catfishing shoulder surfing and to the Cyber Security Glossary.


24 November 2018

Added a definition for clickbait to the Cyber Security Glossary.


7 November 2018

Tweaked the Cyber Security page to add a few more examples of organisations where phishing and hacking can be reported. These are in the bullet point at the bottom of the page.


28 October 2018

Added the starting page for my learning blog. This also clarified the roll of this log a a record of changes to the site. Hence the change of name. As this will hopefully be the start of a more active thread on the site and one which provides am example for the things contained in Learning and Revision, the version number of the site has been changed as well.


24 October 2018

Added a page containing some basic cyber security guidance to complement the cyber security glossary.


23 October 2018

A definition for SQL injection added to the Cyber Glossary.


22 October 2018

Scratch for Parents and Teachers published and page added for the book.


14 October 2018

Learning and Revision published and page added for the book.


21 September 2017

Fixed the layout of the home page and the about page to reveal the page footer.


7 September 2017

Loaded new author badge on the about page.


1 September 2017

Replaced the computing glossary with a glossary section linking to subject specific glossaries for computing, cyber security and graphics.


26 August 2017

The first term of the new academic year is rapidly approaching in the UK. Like many people in and around education this has prompted a short-term shift in priorities. I found myself reviewing the background information for safeguarding and sitting some tests for re-certification. With all the effort that goes into safeguarding on the part of teachers and other professionals that come into contact with children, it is depressing to see the climb in the number of serious case reviews year on year (NSPCC Serious Case Review Panel). For those professionals that need a refresher, the key documents in the UK are:-

What to do if you are worried a child is being abused.

Working together to safeguard children.

Keeping children safe in Education.


6 August 2017

Definitions for configuration, operating system, recursion, regression testing, reserved word, root user, super user, system, system testing, test harness, testing, user and user testing, added to the glossary.


5 August 2017

I have added a link to Project Gutenberg Go To Project Gutenberg at the bottom of my About page. This is not because I have published on that site. I would need to be over a hundred years old and also proabaly dead to do that. They only publish public domain literature. I have added the link because it is a good resource for any one looking for sources of FREE ebooks. The site is worth investigating. It is an oasis for cash strapped literature students.


25 July 2017

Corrected some CSS files and tidied up the presentation of the glossary page.


22 July 2017

Version 1 of this website published.


21 July 2017

Version 1 of this website completed and tested offline. The website was tested in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge. It is a few years since I built a commercial website. It is amazing to see that there are still variations in the way that the various browsers interpret the same set of HTML tags.


14 July 2017

Classic Flowcharts published.


April 2017

Pseudocode published.


April 2017

Scratch Mathematics published.