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This site is a platform for talking about computing, education and writing; hence the domain name.

This is version one of the site. The intention is to extend the content but for now the content is restricted to a blog, discussion of current publications and a glossary of computing terms.

There are more publications in development. Each one involves research which will generate additional content for this site. So come back when you can, to see what is new.

The style is basic. That is partly because this is version one. But the intention is also to have an unfussy presentation so that things are easy to read and pages are easy to locate. Future versions may be prettier, but should remain straight-forward.

All content on this website is proprietory. All copyrights are reserved and will be defended. All spellings on this site are in UK English, except where a computing term requires a US spelling.

There are no pop-ups and no hidden content on this website. If you have problems with pop-up ads and material that does not appear to come from this site, they have come from some other source. You may need to check your browser and machine security. You may also need to check for applications that are running in the background without your knowledge. There are links to other sites from the pages on this site, but they are clearly marked and should reveal themselves when hovered over with the mouse pointer.

This web site does not use cookies.

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