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Welcome to the REWT website.

Although this website contains information on a wide range of topics, in the main, it is focused on:

  • Education
  • Writing
  • Research
  • Computing

Why education and computing? These are things that I know about and of which I have many years experience. They are also two bedrock components of contemporary society. Research is a consequence of a need for answers and a natural curiosity. Writing is the formalisation of my experience, knowledge and research.

Information on these topics can be found on other pages of this site. Links to the various pages of the site can be found in the same position across the top of each page below the page heading, on every page of the site.

The website is constantly being added to and updated. As well as comment, the 'Blog page' also contains a record of all the changes made to the site.


P.S. SJW are my initials. They do not stand for Social Justice Warrior on this web site.

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